Service Sunday Program

The Service Sunday Program is a mission- based ministry providing need-based assistance to undervalued and under-served members of the Oklahoma City community through Christian Fellowship. Every two months we will spend a portion of the Sunday worship service putting together care packages for one of six underprivileged groups. As packages are distributed by church members and project leaders, the recipients will be invited to come and worship with us at the Christ Experience. Through active, compassionate care we will exemplify the servant life of Christ and teach the gospel by our actions as well as our words. Each package given will include an invitation to join us in living out the gospel of Jesus Christ by accepting Him as their Lord and Savior, worshiping together, and growing with us in the knowledge of scripture.

How Service Sunday Began

Earlier this year, after an inspiring sermon on "Radical Hospitality" delivered by Pastor Nicholas Lee, we assembled over 150 backpacks for the homeless during Sunday church service. Each backpack included food, water, toothbrushes with toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, antibacterial wipes, socks, and underwear. We then put "radical hospitality" in action by serving dinner to the homeless at Friday Night Alive (an outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church), distributing backpacks to the people and praying for those who requested prayer. We also took backpacks out into the community and delivered them to homeless people in Oklahoma City, Midwest City, and surrounding communities. Through the Service Sunday program, we will continue to address the needs of the homeless and other groups who have been marginalized, underserved and undervalued by creating and distributing assistance packages that provide supplies to help support them in their efforts to build better lives.

Service Sunday 2018-2019 Schedule

Every two months the Service Sunday Program will provide a care package tailored to the needs of an underserved group of  people. We will create engaging relationships with individuals by bringing the serving spirit of Jesus Christ to them at the time and place of their need.

The Six program Service Sunday schedule for the 2018-2019 year will connect with new people as follows:


October 2018 Homeless Community- Winter Care Package

Love Not Judged Bags

Sleeping Bags


Antibacterial Wipes



Resource List

Hats, gloves, socks, underwear as donations allow


December 2018 School Teachers

Loved Not Judged Bags


Dry Erase Board

Dry Eraser and Markers

Class Planner


Hand Sanitizer




Glue Sticks

February 2019 Alternative Schools

April 2019 Children in Foster Care

June 2019 Free/Low Income Medical Clinics

August 2019 Elementary Schools

Photo Aug 26, 1 03 08 PM

How You Can Help

This year the Service Sunday program will create and distribute care packages to six different groups of people who are in need of assistance. Our budget is based on a goal of helping 100 people per project depending on the needs of the group. For our next project this October we are distributing backpacks for the winter including blankets, food, water, toothbrushes with toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, antibacterial wipes, socks and thermal underwear. We appreciate your contribution to help us meet our goal of serving 100 homeless people in Oklahoma City, Midwest City, and surrounding areas. We hope that you will partner with us through your donation to help us promote the Christian ideas and morality of the gospel of Jesus Christ by treating our vulnerable members of society with care and compassion through these projects of community service. Thank you for your consideration.


Cynthia Reed

The Christ Experience